ROUTE 04 – Haunn


Dervaig  Huan web 1

Macinnis told me that we now to start training for the coming year ….
I replied Yes we had better but deep inside I thought we had not really slowed down to rest yet I thought we where just going to start winding down. Oh well…

 The Plan for Saturday was to cycle from “Tobermory” to “Dervaig” and round to the ruins at “Crackaig” returning via “Haunn” and round “Calgary” and back as a big event… But it did not happen. We only managed the first section and did a revised “Calgary” route the next week this was because we got started too late and I took too many pictures slowing us down.

Haun Web  Pic 2

We headed off to Dervaig and it was a nice crisp sunny winters morning… a rare one indeed. Seven hilly miles to Dervaig and feeling good I nearly crashed into the graveyard wall on the way down the hairpin bends at “Kilmore” into “Dervaig”. We then met Allan on the road bike and he joined us for a while.

Haun web 3

I thought a stone pinged off my spokes at one point along the road but the first press of my front brake later on let me know I had lost my pin and one of my hydraulic brake pads! Mmm… there was cursing and great debate as what to do.

I was told to stop an electricians van that was passing and ask him for tape which I did, and he very kindly gave it asking how much I wanted, then made me take about 10 foot of the stuff!


My brake was then taken off the bike and given to Ian Morrison’s who was passing on his bus and told to take it back to “Tobermory”. The tape was then put round my body for some strange reason, and then was told to get going as having no front brake did not really make any difference as long as you have a back one you are ok.

We zoomed along the “Calgary” bends taking in the scenery and talking rubbish.. It was fantastic! We said goodbye to Allan at the schoolhouse and I took off my tape as it did not seem to be doing me any good. Fourteen miles from “Tobermory” and still feeling good… We headed off-road…


It was a bit mushy to begin with but rideable and its good single-track riding for about two miles. I nearly came a cropper at one down hill when I pressed the brakes and started to go quicker! I jumped off the bike into the heather and swore to treat my one back brake with respect.

Haunn Crackaig  web 4

After just over a mile you will then come to the first set of ruins at “Glac Gugairidh” after a quick look around and a photo shoot you carry on a little further and then you come to the second ruins at “Crackaig”.


Make your way left here and you will come to a path at the edge of the cliff that will take you down a steep rocky path to the raised beach. You will have to walk down this unless you are McInnis and cycle down it.


When you get to the bottom head right and follow your nose!
This if fantastic single/sheep track and the scenery is stunning it will not fail to impress I can assure you. It also fairly flat. You pass the whisky cave here and although the still has recently been stolen you can still feel the presence eerie. Finding the cave is not easy and if you want to see it you will have to ask advice before you go.


Views looking towards the “Trishnish Isles” and “Staffa” are not to be missed.
High Cliffs to our Right and to our left stunning shoreline with waves breaking over the Jagged rocks, Gannets falling from the sky like arrows into the sea and the odd golden eagle hovering overhead this has its appeal do you not think ?
Also not seeing anyone in the whole trip adds to the Smugness.

I managed to fall into the only 2 deep mud section in the route the first one up to my knees and the second a quick bath on my back and arms and a test of glove water proofing from the Inside. Still it did not matter days like this last forever.
About 2.5 miles on we headed up the hill to “Haunn” through “Treshnish” to “Ensay”.

And when we reached the road end we stopped to have some food from McInnis Back pocket as I had none as usual. We thought this would be great run for cycle club in the summer. So far we had come 19 miles .and the day was getting on.

This loop on its own is ok for casual cyclists as the distance is not far if you do it as loop from “Ensay” and back its about 6.5 miles for the loop.

We headed home by road again 14 miles to go and feeling a bit disappointed we did not carry on round “Caliach Point” but as we headed up “Carnamish” for the last 4 miles it was maybe a wise choice as the legs where getting heavy.


A usual at the last bend in the “Mishnish Lochs” we complained of cold feet, toes etc… the last downhill was most welcome!


Never mind… Next week round “Calich”.