ROUTE 02 – Glengorm

Route 2 Tobermory – Glengorm
DESCRIPTION: 1 Hour min – 3 hour Max (13.5 Miles)

Head up by the roundabout turn right then left, take signpost to Glengorm.

It’s a gentle climb all the way from here. Half a Mile up you will come to the start of the forestry track to Ardmore and start of Route 1 but ignore that, half a mile on you reach the foot of Meall an Inb’Hire (The radio mast)

If you feel strong enough, have a go up the winding path to the top for some amazing views. You can see as far as the Arrochar Alps, Sky, Coll, Tiree, South Uist on a Clear day they say you can even see America.

From Mast

But if you don’t want to go up then you then have a nice long downhill to get your breath back dodging sheep and shaggy highland cows and huge piles of manure on the road. At the bottom you come to a small car park and exit for Route 1 or entry for returning from this route if you feel it’s too much for you..

The hills disappear and the landscape opens out to views across to Coll, Tiree, Canna, Rum with Glengorm Castle in the Foreground with its Fairytale Turrets pointing to the sky a lovely sight and a special place to go and watch a sunset.

Glengorm Castle

Carry on past the farmhouse round he corner and just before the castle gate the road splits to the left into a dirt track.This is the track you take. Well.. unless you head into the Castle and visit the Tea Room and sit in the sun outside and sample the Cakes and Home made local produce with a quick visit to the Gallery, thinking to yourself, well I have covered 4 miles and it was nearly all up hill so I may as well carry on .

If you ask locally you might get a preview of the Cyclocross course being built for the December event here.


But !! if the wife disagrees or if you over indulge you can always head back the way you came or by the car park back via Route 1. But.. we don’t want to do that do we? Oh No.. we want to go back to the start of the dirt track head on for a few hundred yards and carry on. Keep your eyes open and after a few hundred yard to the right you will see Standing stones and in the foreground the mound of Dun Ara Castle But please no dancing round the standing stones naked as you will frighten the cattle.

You carry on by the barn there is a gate here and can be a little muddy. Please leave gates as you find them and if you have to climb them please do so at the hinged end. The gates are small and you can easily lift the bike over if they are locked but usually they are open.

Eventually you will come to a gate at the end of the trees and the panoramic views open up again.This is Shaggy Highland cattle country and you will more than likely come across them on the track. Slow down and don’t be intimidated, but please go by quietly and Never Never Ever get between a mother and her calf … have you seen the size of their horns.

People sheep cycle here as well.. please give way to sheep cyclists as they have no brakes.


You will pass a little holiday cottage at Ballimeanoch usually with big muddy puddles. A little track turns sharply to the right just beyond here to Dervaig and will be under route (3)

You carry straight on, the track gets stony and you have a little uphill before it levels at the top .

A long straight with a nice water crossing halfway down takes you back on to the main Dervaig road at Carnain an Amais


Turn Right and its 3 miles to Dervaig Carry straight on through the track on the other side of the road and it takes you the Loch Frisa Route Route 5 But !!! we turn Left and its 4 miles back to Tobermory from here.

It’s a steep but short climb to the top and from then on it’s all down hill to Tobermory with the Mishnish Lochs on your right hand side. You may come across Ducks Swans and various birds of prey on you way down.

mishnish Lochs

Watch out for the Cairn of Wullie Blue Who was so Stupidly Mown Down by a Fellow cyclist at the end loch and still suffers the pain to this day. He knows who he is.


The lochs have plenty brown trout and tickets can be had from Tobermory Angling Club.

This road is usually quiet but the Dervaig bus runs here and the road is narrow so please be careful.

This run will not disappoint. 13 miles Great views 2 fairly hard climbs but in-between that not too bad.