Mull Cycle Sportive 2013



Sunday 9th June saw another Mull Cycle Sportive take place in one of the Best days of the year.

Many Local entrants took part and for some it was their first time doing a big distance.

Gerry Kangley, Brian Macleod, Gussie Robertson, Andrew Penny, Vanessa Moore, Lynne O’Donnell, Shona Reade, Alan Parker, Crawford Whyte, Russell Mackinnon, Robert Matheson, Carol Blakely, Charlie Davis, Babs Whyte , Julie Abrahams, Graziella Gungui, Mairi Davidson, Jamie Howard (Ulva) Ruth Anderson, Andy Robertson ( Fionnphort) James Cameron, Emma Nelson. Jamie Barlow, Ewan Mackie from Bunessan (he won the small event) Angus MacCallum Fionnphort.

Charlie Corbett and Susie Corbett (Loch Buie) Nick Horne from (Appin), Jonathan Moseley (Morvern). Both Charlie and Jonathon where fundamental in starting this event 2 years ago.

Nick Horne , Alan Ellis and Jonathan Moseley  are all ex Royal Tank Regiment and raised over £3000 for H4H that day.

Well Done!

29 Local entrants and I have probably missed some out.

The south end of the Island is now getting seriously into this sport.

144 people took part on this year’s event.

The big event attracted an entry of 86 doing the full loop of 86 miles.

The smaller loop had 48 entrants doing the hard section of 44 miles.

What a stunner of a day it turned out to be.

The day started off a bit chilly at the start but after an hour things  got hot.

When they reached the other side of the Island the heat and hills round Ulva Torloisk up to Ensay took its toll.

Russell MacKinnon and Crawford whyte where in the leading bunch most of the way round and Brian MacLeod was not far behind.

Crawford Whyte took bad cramp and had to retire round the hill section but his Mother Babs did not take cramp and took great delight in coming in before him and was not really out of breath at the end.

James Cameron stopped for a picnic with his mum half way round.

Alan Parker was goaded into taking part in the event by Brian MacLeod and did remarkably well considering he had not been on a bike for a long time.

Gerry Kangley also did well for his second bike ride in a year and still managed a pint in the Bellachroy on the way round.

Gussie Robertson did well this being his first long distance event but was let down by Brian Macleod who had promised to stay with him to work together round the course as a team.

Gussie held back on the first hill till Brian joined him so they could work as a team, but Brian just latched on to the fast groups last wheel and was pull round the course for the full 86 miles  leaving poor Gussie behind. (Just as Gibbo had predicted)

Gussie was a bit distraught at the end and I thought he was actually going to cry at one stage.

He also threw a bottle at Stevie MacInnes in temper as he reckoned he was not in the right place to pass him his Secret energy juice bottle that Steven spat in.

After the event at the pub Brian slagged most of the competitors and gave every excuse under the sun why he failed to finish first, but insisted he will win it next year.

Stevie MacInnes our fastest and fittest cyclist will be working away in his new job off the island so Brian Macleod will now be the new number one as he is the second fasted cyclist on the Island.

He has a lot to live up to, but I’m sure his shy timid complimentary temperament will win him many friends in the cycling world.

Bryan Gibson has been heard to say that credit where credit is due as Brian is now on par with him he thinks he will go on to be better than Stevie once he has come off the Chocolate bars completely.

Alan Noble fell off the Bike the day before the event and was not able to compete but still helped out on the day.


Small write up by(Brian Macleod )

Alan Parker has bought a new light weight bike and it certainly made quite a difference as he managed no problem to push it up the hills.

Alan was the Oldest competitor so at 69 so it was forgiven that he pushed the bike up the hills.

Everyone shouted encouragement to Alan as he pushed the bike up the hills.

Thanks go to the red cross who dealt with quite a few incidents on the day and kept an eye on Alan as he pushed the bike up the Hills.

Gerry Kangley fell off the bike going up the Dervaig Hill but not sure if it was exhaustion or the 2 pints he had in the Bellachroy.

At Least he did not push the bike up the Hill like Alan Parker.

Ps… Well done Alan.

Thanks for that Brian !

Steven MacInnes record of last year could not be beaten and still stands at 4 hours 18mins.

Brian MacLeod beat his last years time by 45 mins.

The Girls deserve credit for their first time cycle and all stayed together till the bitter end.

Andrew penny was going faster up the hill than the lycra clad athletes and he was dressed in full denim and long sleeve woolies.

The Cakes at Ulva ferry school nearly ruined the event as Everyone wanted to stay there longer lounging in the sun and sampling the home-made delights.

Everyone we spoke to was awe-struck by the scenery and really enjoyed the event.

Jackie Parker and Jenifer Robertson did the lonely Water Station through Glen More and where dressed as Bunny Girls which brought a smile to everyone’s face.

Full Results on

Thanks to:

The Red Cross who did an Amazing job. You don’t know how much we appreciated it.

Joe Reade for taking the Event on and Running it last year and this year.

Ewan Baxter for Taking it on for Next year

The Tobermory Co–Operative for all the Goodie Bags

The Tobermory Distillery for their Prizes.

Ulva Schol and all their Helpers for the home baking the facilities and good humour it was fantastic and so where you.

McGhochans pub for after race pasta and for letting us use their outdoor area for Food and Drink.

Davie Graham for playing some of the worst songs ever played at a sporting event.

Jackie and Jennifer for their Bunny outfits.

All the Riders that came from Home and Away.

Motorist Patience.

The Local police for keeping an eye on things.

All the Helpers who were out on the route and did the sign on and helped at the start and finish and mop up operation afterwards.

Brian MacLeods Loud Impersonation of The Thunderbirds puppets after 15 pints.  He only looked satisfied after the last customer had left the beer Garden.

Not moan or whinge from anyone.

We had a few comments on people not being able to get past cyclists for a while and Cyclist complaining that drivers where putting them off the road.

This was only in a couple of  instances but as you may have been one of them involved we can only apologise and will try harder next year to lessen the problem

Everyone seemed to enjoy the event and were really taken by the Beauty of the Island.