Bunessan Fun Run

Yes this was a fun race

Jackie Lynne Carol Charlie Brian and Jim represented Tobermory as Last year’s winner wimped out in case he might get beaten after not training enough.

Good day out and loads of Fun.

The Girls Looked good in their Lycra and the men as usual looked ridiculous.

The Race was hard but everyone gave it their all and we all enjoyed it.

Jackie was her usual cheery self and Lynne spent most of her time running after Brian fetching things for him. I think she even helped him get dressed into his running gear.

Lyne and Jackie did the slightly shorter run and Carol Charlie Brian and I did the big one.

Georgina was jacket catcher at the corner.

That’s the Boring bit.

After the race prizes where given out.

We all got a cream egg in an egg cup for being Crap.

But the commentator made a big mistake by announcing that there was no prize for 1st local woman as No local women had did the big race.

Well if he did!

Carol Spoke…Well! Shouted err no screeched .


I ran the course I am a fekin woman…Oh! Or do you have to live in Bunessan to be a Local nowadays or speak Gaelic or have a sprig of Seaweed in your hair.

She was waving her arms about and jutting her head out and she was dressed in a bright yellow hat and was beginning to look like a Demented Chicken.

Or do I have to pull my pants down to prove I’m a woman. Oh …Well yes you all look at me.

What the hell you Fekin looking at..  You know what you are looking at?  Well it’s a local…  well maybe not…as I’m not from Bunessan.

Shall I wear a Fekin Kilt or invite everyone to my house to prove it…etc etc   and this is only the mild bits.

Charlie was looking a bit worried by it all especially when Carol started her Kung Fu moves and started spitting but you could see deep down in his eyes that he had been there before and Brian and myself gave him a comforting glance.

First time for a while i have seen kids stop eating sweets and drinking juice mid way through as if frozen in time.

The commentators eyes where wide and you could see the fear they started searching in their pockets I presume to raise enough cash to appease her.

Luckily someone found a box of Biscuits and gave it to her hoping she would open it quickly and start eating.

She grudgingly snatched them and gave them to poor Charlie to look after in case anyone else nicked them.

Yes Carol…or as the Cycle club call her The Female Neil Lennon Caused a stir and insulted probably everyone in Bunessan.

Her abusive Tirade is still the talk of the town today and was being discussed in castaway’s charity shop this very morning seemingly.

Thanks for that Information Jackie.

She did not even share a Biscuit with any of her Friends who gathered round her for protection in case she was attacked by the frenzied mob.

A visitor from the back was overheard commenting that they could not wait till she had finished so they could buy some fish off her.

Another was heard to say that if she could run as fast as she shouted she would have come first anyway.

Forgot to say she quietened down when Jackie asked her if she had put down where she was from on the registration form as everyone else had?
Err No she said and she went all coy…She looked like a shy little lost girl after that but did not apologise.



Carol  Screams at her watch  “ ye little feking  ting “why you  going so slow  as she holds up the Broom Wagon who are starving .

We thought of getting the Coastguard out to look for her at one stage

Charlie is not allowed to speak at this point .

But you can see it all in his eyes .

We passed him on the bike tonight and he was digging in the garden with a smile on his face for the first time and we all thought ..yes its Carol in there .

Turns out water supply was off and he was looking for the leak .


I think someone won the race.