ROUTE 01 – Tobe / Ardmore

From Tobermory

Route 1.   Tobemory – Ardmore—Return

This is a forestry trail that can vary between 5 and about 12 miles using the 4 mile road section, and routes inside the forest. 4 Miles Road – 5 Miles Track

We will start all routes in this section from the Main Street as you have a lovely big hill to start with and if we have to cycle it then so do you! …. You lazy bunch of slackers.

Cycle up the hill… one of many and you will come to the Roundabout .

Local people are wary of such structures, and you will find that some of them brake sharply and study it before making a move.

Others just drive right through, without looking left or right, some drive right over it and others go the wrong way round, and always keep your eyes open for a certain cyclist with dark glasses and denims with trouser clips that cannot see cars. He has the right of way in all situations.

At tea time cyclist meet in the centre the roundabout to discuss tactics and wait for latecomers.

Glum Cyclist

You often see a forlorn figure sitting on the edge of the pavement hands on head elbows on knees eyeballs in the air…waiting for Latecomers.

Turn right at the roundabout because if you turn left you will end up at Fionnnphort and that is about 50 miles away so it’s a long haul back again.

Take signpost for Dervaig – Glengorm .you will come to a crossroads go straight on. And beware of farmers in tractors and pickups. .

Carry up past the dump (it’s a pretty dump with lots of goodies if you rake around without being caught) just by the dump a forestry road turns right you have travelled 1 mile and the off-road section begins. You can park your car here to begin your trip if you are a wimp!

When you start to go downhill you will get fine views over Ardnamurchan the most westerly point on the British mainland and home to the prettiest sheep in the west coast,.


This is all Forestry track to Glengorm but a lot of work is going on at the moment in Ardmore Forest

Constructing a cycle track so if you want to take a closer look at what is going on then please contact any of the club members and they will gladly be of assistance.

The road splits in 2 at the bottom.
Carry on to the Left, you travel on flattish track till you comes to the Penalbanach Ruins.


This section has just recently been felled and the ruins are easily seen.

There is a track here that goes down to the shore. From here. If you decide to go down, it’s a little boggy but not too bad.

Follow the track and you will come to a Wooden Hide where you can take shelter on a bad day and eat your picnic and search your body for Tics. You can also take in the views over Kilchoan keep your eyes open.

You may come across Seals, Otters, Sea Eagles and Golden Eagles and out of the forest the occasional Rutting Stag.. Bellowing like mad… as it charges you!

red deer

Your defence against this is to turn and face the beast and scream at it as loud as you can …as this is a natural reaction you will not find it difficult!. If this does not work turn your back to it as the smell in your underpants will stop it in its tracks. Lycra is good for keeping in the contents… Baggy Shorts are not! Do not try to empty them just go straight home standing as you pedal as much as possible speak to no one and go straight to the toilet with a bin liner

You can follow the sign posts back the way you came via a different route if you feel tired.

But you don’t want to do that do you …so back up the track turn right up a steep hill but only 200 yards or so then it gets better mostly gradual down hill.
You will eventually come out at the car park on the Glengorm Road.
Turn left and its 4 miles back home to Tobermory by single track tarmac road or turn left to Glengorm Castle see ( Route 2 ) .

So, this is route 1, it’s very enjoyable and not too difficult if you take your time.

Ardmore is a large Forestry Plantation and so it is sometimes closed due to felling. Please be careful and obey all signs

And watch out for walkers as some parts can be ridden very fast some have stony gravel surfaces but most of the time you will not see anyone, you will have it all to yourselves.