Duathlon News (17/02/13)

Duathlon News 

Brian Macleod  Gussie Robertson and Stuart MaKie took part in the No Fuss Duathlon in Morar on Saturday .


Stuart is not a cyclist and he turned up with a 40 lb Halfords Steel bike and Brian and Gussie had a few smirks and renewed confidence that Stuart was going to eat dust as he is a fine runner and would trash them in the run.

Brian was so excited he texted me and said he had worked it all out and he should beat Stuart by about 3 mins and finished about 2 mins behind Gussie.

Brian image

Unknown to Brian, Gussie also texted me as well to say it was a pity I was not there as he thought I would have been first in our group with him a close second and Brian in third with Stuart 4th as his bike was like a train and he had 15 miles to pedal it and weighed about 40 lb,  Brian’s bike weighs about 15lb.


I bowed out as I could not handle the Verbal Pressure Brian was putting on me and Like Gerry he forced me into an Injury situation by overtraining to try to shut him up at the event but as usual he wins again.

Well not Quite!.

Stuart thrashed them by about 6 mins ..Ha Ha Ha Ha (Oops did i just say that?).

I interviewed Stuart and he told me( in the strictest confidence )that one of his brakes was stuck on as well.

Also at the Glengorm Duathlon he would have won it easily had his bike not let him down after letting Gussie service it from him.

He said it would be a kind gesture if Gussie  gave the Glengorm winning cup to him now, as Gussie now knows that he has it on borrowed time.

Yes its nice to have friends is it not .Glad I did not go.

Gussie image

This just goes to show you that no matter what you spend on a bike be it 2 Grand or 199 Quid its the engine that is riding it that is the important thing .

Well done Stuart for Whipping their Buts and  Gussie and Brian for representing the Isle of Mull Cycling club again .

Steven MacInnes could not compete as he was doing the Carneth 5 Hill race .

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Steven Thrashed by 40-year-old Woman


Nothing more to add to that.