Fort William Duathlon (12/01/13)

Sat Morning.

Destination Fort William.

Event Duathlon.

Brian Gus and Jim Competing, Gina for show.

Brian in Full Flight
Brian in Full Flight

3 Bikes 4 people and enough kit to keep the whole cycling club kitted out for a week were bundled into the car at 07.30.

Lochaline Ferry provided a place to stretch and tell tales to the crew of our Adventure ahead.

I was forced to drive into MacDonalds in Fort William much against my wishes.

I was forced to ask for 3 coffees 2 white and one black.

I was then forced to ask for 3 tubs of milk for the black one.

This was because seemingly they use different milk if asking for it white, so Brian said.

There where tales of Gibbo’s Burger exploits of the past here and indeed there is a picture of him hanging up in the Kitchen Area which you can just see through the broken Glass window.

Gina was dropped off at her sisters and we sped off for Check in.

It took us a full hour to get ready for off and there was much mumping and moaning as to what clothes to wear and who we could borrow a pump off.

How much weigh we had put on and what was the best diet for this time of the year and how Brian’s chain got trapped and how this flat course looked very Hilly an how MacInnis has slowed down since he turned 40 and my sore knee was just an excuse.

We headed off for a warm up run 10 mins before start and the woods were alive with people pooing and peeing .

Bang we where off 3.5 k Run though rough track and quite hilly much to Brian’s Dismay.

Lean Mean Running Machine
Lean Mean Running Machine

Gus and myself finished the first run at the same time but he was caught trying to cheat by jumping over the tape at the end to get to his bike before me.

Bike section was along road then onto Forest Track coming back.

Gus caught me along the road and then started to reel in everyone else.

Brian was behind us but was zooming past everyone on his new super-duper feather light bike after being left high and dry on the run.

He said if the cycle had been another 2 miles he would have overtaken us easily.

Second run was not so pretty as  legs where aching cramp was pinging like electric shocks all over the legs and Gus had to stop to stretch to get rid of it.

We where all delighted to finish it at the end and the de brief is still going on.

On the way back I was forced again to do The MacDonald’s coffee run and the girl at the counter was not going to give us milk for Brian as she said it was the same milk in a white coffee, but I told her Brian was allergic to it and we could not take the chance as he could not afford to lose any more weight.

She slammed the window shut quite hard.

Strange event of the day was I borrowed Gorilla tape off some one to strap my tube to the bike and then I got a Gorilla basket out of a bin in Lochaline that Gus spotted.

2 Gorrillas in the one day is  not bad going.

Everyone was quite nervous as I was Driving!

Briliant Day out Thanks Gus and Brian.




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