Glengorm Duathlon 2012

Isle of Mull Glengorm Duathlon 2012


Isle of Mull Glengorm Duathlon took place on Sunday 7th October.

This is aimed as a resident’s event and is run to try and encourage youngsters and beginners on the Island to take on a new challenge. However it is open to everyone.

We had a turn out of 40 for this event and all but one were from the Island.
Sarah Griffin from Lochgilphead made the journey with her Family and took first ladies prize and Finished 4th Overall.

Thank you for coming over Sarah hope you enjoyed it all.



However the senior’s event is a hard Duathlon and everyone who took part knew they had worked their hardest to finish.

The kid’s race started with a run and they went off at high pace and Jim who was leading them out was glad he had decided to start about 200 yards ahead of them as they caught him up at the gate quite quickly.

James Henderson and Jack Nelson were in the lead and really going for it, these lads are great athletes and they were encouraging each other all the way round when one was ebbing.
no one was going to beat them with such determination.

There were kids on tiny bikes huge bikes and kids who looked like they where too young to cycle.

What every one of them had was a dogged determination, and every parent should feel proud of them.

Some of them complained of stitches in their side and their shoulders, sore tummy and feeling sick. Holly MacLean smiled the whole way round even when she was struggling at the end.

Little Katie Qiu McCrone told me on the way round that she had only been cycling for a few weeks but was giving it her all on her tiny bike.

I told her to tell her daddy to buy her a new bike, as the one she had was too small for her legs. (Did she tell you Alistair?)



Most folk seeing these children at the end of the run and cycle would get a doctor or tell them to stop immediately but Babs just scowled at them and told them they had to do another run.

And they did.

They seemed none the worse after it and some went round again on their bike and some where more worried that they had not got a mars bar in their goody bag but 2 packets of crisps instead.

4 year old Logan Gibson was the trendiest competitor even putting his dad to shame in the looking cool section.

Well done to you all!

The Adults Run was a different matter though.

Surprise package was the “Fit Family Robertson’s “Gussie finishing first in the Main Event and Jennifer finishing first in the team event and the kids not far behind.

It was a hard course for even serious competitors and I take my hat off to everyone who finished it as a lot of them had no Idea how difficult it would be.

2 mile run 10 Mile Cycle and 2 mile run and quite hilly.

James Penny and Amy Sugars took part in the senior event as they had no competition in their section .All secondary pupils knew they did not stand a chance and wimped out of it. Both did Brilliantly Finishing in a good time.



The Run was hard and Stewart MacKie was flying with fastest run time but broke his chain on the bike section so ran with Marge as team (Stewart is fast!)

Carol Blakely disappeared for a while and for the first time we thought we had lost someone for good.

Charlie was worried as if she had had an accident he said he might have to buy her a new bike. We have lost a few in the past but they always came back.
And so did Carol she fell off so she says but we think she nipped home for a cup of tea and a scone.

Vanessa went flying off into the woods when she should have been on the track but did not complain she just shrugged her shoulders.

Gibbo fell in the bushes that Dom was guarding and so did Stevie and Myself…we came to the conclusion that Dom was putting washing up liquid or something there to assist us as we could all hear his Mutley Style Snigger as we fell off.

Lynne Maclod and Jackie Hinge ran/jogged/walked/crawled the last bit together after Jackie kicked hell out of the bike to make sure she had a broken chain.

Gillian Wilshire recovering from Injury and only doing the event under presures from Marjorie Nelson had a bad time and at the end she said to me… “Jim, I’m never doing this again” and by the look in her face I took it she meant it and was amazed I was not slapped.

But that will change.

Other people enjoyed it and thought it was hard but good.

Hats off to everyone who did this and I’m sure they will feel smug at finishing.

The biggest moanersof the day was between Gibbo and Innes… I can’t go into detail but it was bad. Like listening to your Gran and Grandad on a bad Rheumatics day.

Stevie and Jennifer won the Team Event.

Jim keenan beat Brian Macleod
(This has no real meaning whatever and should not be in here… but it is.)

  • Again Many thanks to Tom and Marjory Nelson for allowing us to run this event at Glengorm and for all their help.
  • Thanks to Tommy and Karen Watt for Presenting the Trophies and the Hughie Watt Memorial Cup for First Local finisher donated by Alan (Winker Maclean).
  • Thanks to Gail and her staff for putting up with all the noise and hassle and for smiling through it all.
  • Many Thanks to M.I.C.T for the Donation this year as we have struggle the last 2 years to keep it going.
  • This means next years event is now on.
  • Thanks to the Co op for Goodie Bags
  • Thanks to everyone who gave us a Donation for the raffle.
  • Fergie Whyte
  • Isle of Mull Silver
  • Western Isle Hotel
  • Soap Shop
  • Island Crafts
  • Browns Ironmongers
  • Helen and Stewart Orr
  • Cara no 47
  • Mishnish HotelPet and Alison Corner Shop
  • Seafare
  • Thanks to all the Marshalls and help .
    You know who you are and events can’t take place without you.