Mull 10 Mile Trial

Mull 10 mile Time Trial Salen Fishnish Road end and Back


The First Road time trial of the season kicked off in terrific Style and had more action than the Tour De France or Paris Roubaix and more thrills than Helen MacInnises Washing line.

The Failure of the Gibbo to turn up gave us all hope as MacInnis seems to be under achieving just now and his invincibility no longer seems as strong as it once was.


This was evident in the results as for the amount of training he is doing and the little the rest of us are doing he  was not that far ahead.. I feel retirement could be just around the corner.

Anyway Ewan Baxter Cycled down from Tobermory to the start line at Glenforsa .

Rucksack on his back with Sarnnies and enough tools to build a bike and one bicycle tube which he burst just before the race.

I had a sore throat and was reluctant to do the time trial  but on arrival at Glenforsa it was bloody freezing the rain was starting and the wind was shaking the car .

In my brain I knew I should go home and sit in front of the fire but my body was doing strange things like putting on my Cycle shoes and hat and gloves and shivering like a Jelly

I could not control it and Bruce only encouraged me to go for a cycle and warm up when I wanted him to say   don’t do it you will Die.

Robbie arrived on his mountain bike and when asked what had happened to his road bike he said he had knackered his road bike.

Later on his mother Ruth said …He has buggered his Racing bike but he said it will only cost about 12 quid to fix ….Now!!! Knowing Robbie this will probably be about 150 quid.

He borrowed Ewan’s Pump and I think he broke that too, I’m proud of him .

Alan and Stevie arrived next!  they were all wrapped up and looking nearly as cold as me and dressed as if the where on an Arctic expedition  Sam Downing came next short sleeve shirt nothing underneath sleek sunglasses and a touch of sweat on his brow…   cool… made the Gibbo look nerdy.

Then man in Black arrived.. Graham Horne he was out  of breath and Furious that his late arrival had not attracted the attention that it deserved and then in the next breath made the excuse that he had not been on the bike for a long time Tut Tut Not the done to make excuses before a race Graham. errrr   But My excuse was I had the cold and a sore throat which I told everyone about, but no one cared .

Alan complained that his coxis was sore… this caused much amusement.

Ewans excuse was his gearing was not working.

Robbie’s excuse was he had the Cold/Flu wrong bike/wrong pump and one leg longer than the other and lack of training.

Sam had no excuse apart from that it was too warm.

Stevie Moaned that he was feeling lethargic and did not really want to be there and might be developing another cold.

Bruce was remarkably patient and had no real complaints or moans which spooked us a little  so we kept a distance from him .

Ruth Just looked cold and still believed Robbie’s bike was only going to cost 12 quid to fix.

The Time trial started and I went off first Bang went the Gun… or was it go when you are ready shouts Bruce.


My little legs started spinning like fury and the adrenalin started pumping and my heart started pounding then the wind hit like a brick  then my leg started slowing mouth started cursing and my eyes watered .

I kept thinking I could hear Robbie’s breath Just behind me on his old mountain bike and kept thinking he was going to pass me and shout what’s keeping you old timer.

At the Turn at the Road End at Fishnish I whipped off my hat from under my helmet and it dropped on the road and had to stop and pick it up.. This took in my mind about 6 mins, so I would have beaten Stevie if I had not stopped to pick it up… but in reality it probably cost me about 15 seconds.

As I headed for the 5 miles home return journey I met Sam heading up towards me as we started at 1 min intervals   Ewan’s  was next  and as I past he shouted  “You are a Twat” which annoyed me, but later on he said he actually shouted “You are going to fast!!”. I will have to take his word for it…


Stevie was next and moving fast   but not fast enough to enable Ewan to hear him shouting don’t go down there   but the wind was too strong   and Ewan followed Sam down the road to the Fishnish Ferry terminal instead of turning at the road end.. And by luck the Ferry was not in as I’m sure they would have crossed over to Lochaline if it had.

Robbie not to be outdone did the same…. and he has done the time trial before … I guess there was something in the air.


And Talking of Lochaline I’m sure most of you have travelled over at one time or another would have got your tickets off a pretty purser on the ferry no Not Hector  but Heather Brown and Just to let you know she is now with Child so please feel free to comment on her bump and congratulate her.

At the Finish there was a great roar as the crowds cheered as I crossed the line and luckily I was not sick.

Stevie came in next though he started 7 mins behind me at the start and ranted on about Sam and Ewan going down the road to Fishnish I was secretly happy as it meant I was ahead of them in the time trial at the finish… But I’m only prolonging the agony till the next time.

Graham arrived covered in sweat and looking Happy… Working for “Cal Mac” has made him a new man and its now getting difficult to wind him up.

Alan arrived over the line looking painfully sore as he wiggled his botty in the saddle… Ruth asked him if he would like a Massage… but he said no thanks.

It was only later when we asked him why he had refused that he told us that what he thought she had said was…. would you like a Sausage!!!…he was really miffed.

Ewan and Sam arrived back smiling and looking a bit lost ‘which they had actually done. Robbie came in last as he had a mountain bike and we take our hats off to him it was a hard circuit and next time we do one the times should improve.


Thanks to our Timekeepers again Ruth Fleming and her lovely assistant “Bruce Blackadder” but her ability of being the official photographer of the club has yet to be earned as can be seen from her shots taken.. below…




Wednesday 21st April 2009

 Stevie MacInnes  25.40
 Jim Keenan  30.17
 Alan Noble  33.00
 Graham Horn  34.45
 Sam Downing  37.24  Long Version
 Ewan Baxter  37.40  Long Version
 Robbie Fleming  49.40