A Very Sheepish Tale

“The Gibbo Reflects”


It was on a fine summer’s day in the middle of winter that Jim and I set out for a trip round by Guilahulish and Grasspoint, one of my favourite rides. We parked the van at Craignure and headed along the road as far as the Witches Bridge then through the gate starting the climb up to the old village of Guilahulish.

Making sure not to look skywards for the fear of casting an eye on a Sea Eagle, a crime punishable by life imprisonment! The track was not too wet and we quickly reached the old village at Guilahulish where we stopped for the customary Mars bar and Fanta and to take in the great view down Loch Spelvie and further to Gods country “Lochbuie”

We then started the fast descent down to the shore and the only nasty bit of the trip where we have to carry the bikes over the rocks for about ¼ of a mile (we no longer do the ride this way but stay higher up the hill to avoid the carry) before coming to one of many wide deep bogs. I decided just to take a run and jump with the bike “not on it” over the wider bit and cleared it easily. Jim on the other hand decided to jump across a narrower bit. So Jim takes a run at it gets about half way across stops in mid air and drops from a great height of a foot and lands feet first in then bog to which I gave a wee chuckle. Jim then looked down and to his horror he realised he had landed with his foot through the rib cage of a none too fresh dead sheep. Well I nearly wet myself with laughter before the god awful stench of death reached my nostrils!!,

After washing his foot in every stream and river we could find we made our way, me still laughing and gagging, along the shore to Port Donan and back to the main road and finally back to the van at Craignure. The shoe was put in a bag which was tied very tightly before being allowed in the van.

The shoe was left outside in a bucket for several weeks before being re-worn and it’s said… the same shoe is still being worn to this day…