“Ceud Mile Failte” – Welcome to the Isle of Mull Cycling Club

Welcome to the “Isle of Mull Cycling Club” web site, a place in which we will share the delights of the island for everyone who is interested in all forms of cycling.

The web site will be the main focal point for all the events we will be holding through the coming weeks, months and years so put us into your web browsers favourites, and experience the success and the failures of the “Mull Crew” as they move onwards to bring a whole series of events to the island.

We know the site has not been updated for quite some time, and we are sorry about this, but even though the content is slow to be updated, contacting us and getting back to you prompt is still high on our agenda!! We have many people emailing us for routes, and general questions about cycling on Mull and all are answered, so please drop an email anytime!


There are many things happening on the island to improve the area for bikers, and the “Isle of Mull Cycling Club” is leading this development through the help of all its members and the Forestry commission who have been a great help to us in getting things set up.

The web site is evolving, and we really would appreciate you taking some time to let us know what you would like see more or, less of or to change, we really will appreciate any feedback you care to share with us all.


We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and anyone that is daft enough to, will soon regret it, so get in touch with us and ask about anything you want!